Our upcoming meeting

Hello Friends,
I’m very much looking forward to meeting with you all again soon.

Before we meet, I wanted to send out a couple of things for us all to consider so that we’re ready for some wonderful discussion when we meet on Thursday.

I want to take a minute to revisit our mission and greater goals:
1. Be committed in prayer for the needs and people of the region.
2. Become an ally and advocate for the needs of the community through partnership and collaboration in the name of Jesus.
3. Provide connection, encouragement, equipping and support for clergy.

We have achieved these goals through our action teams, Volunteers in Motion, support for Manna on Main Street and our chaplains, and our monthly meetings and lunches.

What we want to ask before our meeting, is that you consider what would be beneficial to you in the year ahead. What topics would you really like to dig into and discuss? How can the NPPOC support you best? And what needs do you consider unmet in our community?

If you have the time to jot some ideas down or just store them in your brain, please bring them to our first meeting of the year. We will talk about those, about school “adoption” updates, the NPPOC finances and budget and spend time in fellowship.

See you all Thursday!


Nadja Mummery, Coordinator
North Penn Partnership of Churches