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Prayer Walk Through Lansdale

June 4, 2017 – Under cloudy skies against the backdrop of the Lansdale Train Station, a group of people of  faith gathered around the Kugel Ball in the Railroad Plaza Park to begin a community prayer walk. The organizers of the event, the North Penn Partnership of Churches in the North Penn School District planned the event to bear witness to their faith and life by lifting up the town in prayer. 

After a brief service, the group broke into four groups and as instructed by Rev. Gary Nicholson of Christ UMC on Valley Forge Road, the walkers headed East, West, North and  south on Main and Broad Streets to pray on their walk for fifteen minutes and then return to the starting point. The walkers thus formed a cross representing the purpose of the walk to bring Christ to the community. Walkers were invited to dialogue in their prayers with God as they observed their surroundings, noting what they saw and heard–natural elements, buildings and voices of people. On their return walk they were encouraged to listen to what God might be saying to them. After the group re-gathered, a time of guided intercessory prayer in groups of four brought the walk to a close. Drops of rain began to fall as the prayers rose to God perhaps signaling promised blessings to the people of this community.
The participation of sixteen churches and the spirit exhibited by the walkers gave evidence of a desire to witness and share the love of Christ with the town of Lansdale and the surrounding community.

Praying with Keystone Fellowship


I wanted to reach out to you all to give you the opportunity to go be a part of a prayer meeting that will be held at Keystone Fellowship’s Skippack campus tonight at 7pm. The address is 2024 Cressman Rd.
I know the recent shooting is weighing on us all, and it would be so great if we could go show our love, support, grief, and prayer for our NPPOC church partners at Keystone.
As Rob Sheely said in his note to me today, “I’m praying God will somehow use this tragedy for His good!”
Thank you,

Upcoming Meeting 3/16 @ CUMC

Our next NPPOC meeting will be Wednesday, March 16th from 10-12 at Christ United Methodist Church @ 1020 S Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA.
Margaret Zook, the Director of Church and Community Relations from Living Branches, will be talking about seniors and aging in the church. Please join us, if you can, for this very important information!
If you plan to make it, please let me know.
I look forward to connecting with everyone!

Upcoming Meeting Feb 9th

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is well!

Our next NPPOC meeting is scheduled for 2/9 from 10-12 and will be at St. John’s United Church of Christ @ 500 W Main Street in Lansdale.

Among other things, we will be discussing updates to Volunteers in Motion 2016!

I look forward to seeing everyone next week!


Nadja Mummery, Coordinator

North Penn Partnership of Churches

Upcoming Meeting

Hi friends!

Happy New Year!
I wanted to write and remind you all about our meeting this Thursday, January 14th from 10am-12pm.
We will be meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church at 1000 W Main Street in Lansdale.
This month, I will be following up on some of the Bridges out of Poverty information we covered a couple of months ago, and adding some ideas that we weren’t able to go over last time. I look forward to sharing with you all once again!

Upcoming Meeting: Tuesday November 10th

Hello Friends!

I want to apologize again for cancelling our last time together on such short notice. As you know, sometimes things just get hectic and meetings don’t work.
We are really looking forward to seeing everyone this coming Tuesday, however!
I am very honored to be able to present on Bridges out of Poverty and how this framework is being used very successfully in Montgomery and Bucks counties to help our neighbors overcome poverty. There is so much incredibly insightful information, and I hope everyone will be able to join us or send someone from your team to take notes. This information will be invaluable as you continue to work with the social services agencies in our community, and even address poverty in your congregations and agencies. Please let me know if you have any questions ahead of time.
We will also be welcoming J.R. Briggs back from his sabbatical!
Our meeting will be held at Sanctuary United Methodist Church @ 1346 E Prospect Ave, North Wales, PA 19454 from 10am until Noon. We will discuss getting together a group for lunch and fellowship after the meeting.

October Meeting Cancelled!

Hello all,

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to cancel this Wednesday’s meeting. I truly look forward to meeting with everyone, so I hope we can just pick up where we left off when we meet again in November.
In the meantime, please check the website for updates:
Rob Sheely would like for you all to get your calendars out and mark down April 16, 2016 as our next Volunteers in Motion day! More news on that in the coming months.
If you have information that you would like to go out to everyone, let me know and I’ll get it on the website and on our Facebook.
Thank you and God bless!

Nadja Mummery, Coordinator

North Penn Partnership of Churches

Our upcoming meeting

Hello Friends,
I’m very much looking forward to meeting with you all again soon.

Before we meet, I wanted to send out a couple of things for us all to consider so that we’re ready for some wonderful discussion when we meet on Thursday.

I want to take a minute to revisit our mission and greater goals:
1. Be committed in prayer for the needs and people of the region.
2. Become an ally and advocate for the needs of the community through partnership and collaboration in the name of Jesus.
3. Provide connection, encouragement, equipping and support for clergy.

We have achieved these goals through our action teams, Volunteers in Motion, support for Manna on Main Street and our chaplains, and our monthly meetings and lunches.

What we want to ask before our meeting, is that you consider what would be beneficial to you in the year ahead. What topics would you really like to dig into and discuss? How can the NPPOC support you best? And what needs do you consider unmet in our community?

If you have the time to jot some ideas down or just store them in your brain, please bring them to our first meeting of the year. We will talk about those, about school “adoption” updates, the NPPOC finances and budget and spend time in fellowship.

See you all Thursday!


Nadja Mummery, Coordinator
North Penn Partnership of Churches

NPPOC’s New Season!

Dear pastors and community leaders,
As we lean into the fall we wanted to give you the dates for our upcoming North Penn Partnership of Churches meetings. We know that each of you are extremely busy with a plate of responsibilities that seems to be overflowing each week.
So why a regular monthly meeting when our schedules already seem too full? In short, because pastors and leaders need spaces like this.
More than anything else we work hard to create initiatives that will not waste your time, but instead add value to pastors and community leaders by giving a safe space for equipping, updating, encouraging, praying and connecting with others in an informal setting.
Last year in our meetings we had experts/community leaders address significant topics such as:
  • Serving Those in Our Churches – and the Community – with Disabilities
  • Addressing Race in the Church
  • Ministering to Those with Mental Illness
  • Soul Care/Self Care
  • How we can Partner Further with Manna on Main Street
  • Learning about Domestic Violence and Trauma Recovery for Victims of Violent Crimes
  • Preparing for our community-wide service blitz day “Volunteers in Motion”
Ultimately, we are convinced that we’re better together than we are apart. We see incredible fruit when churches work synergistically for the good of the community. It also allows the community to see churches working arm in arm as allies and advocates saying, “How can we help?” and “How can we serve?”
The dates for our fall NPPOC meetings are as follows:
September: Thursday, 10th @ Lansdale UMC
October: Wednesday, 14th
November: Tuesday, 10th
December: Thursday, 10th
Each of our meetings are held in various churches in the North Penn area from 10am to noon. (Optional pay-for-yourself lunch is available after each meeting as a way to connect with other leaders so we encourage you to build that into your schedule when possible). And, as always, each meting is open to pastors, ministry leaders and community leaders who desire to unite together to serve the region. Feel free to invite others you think may want to participate.
We hope you can join us for our first meeting of the 2015-2016 year on Thursday, Sept 10th at Lansdale United Methodist Church @ 300 N Broad Street in Lansdale. If you have any questions, contact Nadja Mummery or log onto 
Grace and peace,
North Penn Partnership of Churches Directional Team
J.R. Briggs (The Renew Community)
Nadja Mummery  (Manna on Main)
Tony Hart (Montco Bible Fellowship)
Mike Derstine (Plains Mennonite Church)
Max Jaouen (Lansdale United Methodist Church)
Paul Kemper (Bridge Community Church)