Greetings NPPOC,

Volunteers in Motion is only 4 weeks away!

Thank you for working together to impact our community.  We have many good projects lined up and many who are already signed up to help.  Please be praying that the united body of Jesus will  show His love to our community in a special way on April 18th.

Would you be able to make a special effort over the next few weeks to encourage people to sign up to help on April 18th?    We would love to see 500 people working together.    To see this happen, we need you to use your platform to influence as many people as you can.  We could also use some more service projects.  Is there an organization or an individual who could use a few hours on help on a Saturday morning?  Please let us know.

Please take a look at the Reminder List below for your planning.  Thank you again for promoting this NPPOC event!

Grace & Peace,

VIM team

Paul Baur

Meenu Hoffman

Candy Nixon

Bobbie Renzi

Rob Sheely

Volunteers in Motion Reminders

 “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” – Matthew 5:16 

Date:  4/18/15

Breakfast:  8am, Trinity Lutheran Church

Working Time:  9-noon 

T-shirt deadline:  March 30th

Sign Up deadline:  April 5th  (EVERYONE must sign up


______  Volunteers in Motion is on our church calendar 4/18

______  Contact key leaders in church to get them on board

______  Hang VIM posters at church

______  Schedule video commercial for a Sunday service (let me know if you don’t have video)

______  Schedule VIM Sunday service announcement

______  Ask congregation to search “volunteersinmotion” event on Facebook and “like/share/join”

______  Pray for unity and witness of body of Christ at Sunday services

______  Put VIM info & video commercial on our website

______  Find (or have someone) a project to serve our community or needy individuals

______  Find a point person to coordinate your church’s service team

______  Have a computer available on service days so people can sign up online

______  If you are partnering with an elementary school, ask guidance counselor/ principal if we could serve the school property or families in some way. Ask to hang a VIM poster in the teacher’s lounge.

______  Find another place in the community to hang a VIM poster

______  Put VIM lawn sign on church property

______  Find a congregant who lives in a high traffic area who could put up a lawn sign? Contact Rob for lawn signs – [email protected]

______  The number of people from our congregation that I would like to gather for this event

______  Could your church made a contribution to help fund the projects for VIM?



             Note:  Everyone who will be serving needs to register at “

                       When you come up with a service project, please inform Meenu at

                         [email protected] so we can add it to our list.